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How stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to artistic growth with Kundry harmonies

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Studying Kundry's complex role has been a insightful process. Her melodies guide one on an inner journey, with each harmonic shift revealing new emotional depths. Dark and light are woven intricately throughout her arc. By embracing each note uncover's another layer of her psyche. It's been rewarding to channel Kundry's full humanity. Her music resonates within my own experience. I hope to do justice.
A Personal Journey into the Musical Universe.

We all have a comfort zone - that safe, predictable place we gravitate toward without even thinking. As humans, we seek comfort and familiarity as a way to conserve energy and focus on other priorities. But staying too firmly planted in our comfort zones can also hold us back from growth, fulfillment and discovering new strengths within ourselves.

As a classical singer, pushing past my comfort zone in lessons and roles has challenged me in unexpected ways. When learning the role of Kundry, her line "Ihr kindischen Buhlen, weichet von ihm; früh welkende Blumen, nicht euch ward er zum Spiele bestellt" from Wagner's Parsifal, I discovered myself up against an unseen challenge. - my own ingrained musical expectations.

This ornate melody line feels suspenseful and slightly unsettled, never fully resolving in the way I was used to. As the harmony continued to avoid the tonic chord I unconsciously longed for, I felt a growing unease. But I knew staying rigidly within its confines would prevent me from truly mastering this beautiful and complex music.

So I took a breath and consciously relaxed my grip on habitual resolution. I opened my mind to following the harmony wherever it led, without judging it against preconceived ideas of "right" and "wrong." As the music enveloped me, note by note, I found myself surrendering to its enchantment. Each unexpected chord struck a chord within my soul, resonating with a profound sense of wonder. It felt like I was exploring new musical ground, led by Wagner's brilliant counterpoint.

In that moment, a strange calm washed over me. It was as if time stood still, and I found myself immersed in the beauty of the music. A new confidence emerged from stretching beyond my limits, and finding expanded abilities on the other side.

Perhaps the sweetest moments of creativity and expression are to be found beyond the comfort zone, where we discover our truer selves. This journey opened within me through that pivotal experience with Wagner, and each new venture outward continues revealing unexpected gifts.

I will keep embracing flexibility over strictness, letting go of assumptions to welcome the diverse beauty life unfolds. Every new experience shows love's creativity, broadening the possibilities that bring happiness. Kundry harmonies make me grow.

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